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What You Need To Know About Morgan Silver Dollars

Morgan silver dollars are a significant investment for coin collectors. To purchase them you need a reasonable amount of money. As an investment, Morgan silver dollars have performed well. They are also beautiful. However, before you invest in them, you need to research thoroughly for you to make profits. Keep reading to know more about Morgan silver dollar.

Morgan silver dollars that are below grade AU-50 are just worth their silver bullion value. However, there are exceptions some such as Morgan Dollars that are minted at Carson City. Majority of Morgan dollars in the market today have never been circulated as regular coinage. This is because there were hundreds of millions of Morgans produced by the U.S. Mint in the 1800s that sat in the vault that needed to be circulated which didn't happen. The U.S. Mint between 1878 and 1904 made more than half a billion Morgan Dollars. of those were melted down even before being issued. It was until 1960 that the Morgan silver dollars were released from the U.S. Treasury vaults. It is advisable that you know well the history if the Morgan silver dollar before you invest.

Also, you need to be careful of dealers who will try to convince you that because the Morgan silver dollar is about 80 years and in Mint state that it is valuable. MS-63 specimen that is half the mint and date combinations goes for $35 to $70 each. For the same american currency coins, telemarketers make $350 to $700. You need to get the Red Book to learn the real market value of Morgan silver dollars. It is advisable you invest in highest grade Morgan dollars only because they perform well as investments. If you can afford, choose to buy Proof Morgan silver dollars or MS-65.

Additionally, consider the source before investing in Morgan silver dollars. Dealers have different grading standards. There is a significant difference between MS-63 and MS-65. Coins that are in slabs from PCGS and NGC are worth more compared to coins in slabs from various minor grading services. The difference in price is because PCGS and NGC have nonsubjective and consistent standards for grading. For more facts about silver coins, visit this website at

After you have made your decision to invest in Morgan dollar coins at, you need to store them in a vault. It is advisable that you take delivery of the coins in person. You should not let a dealer store the coins for you. If you come across a dealer who cannot produce the coins, choose another one.

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